Games Every Wednesday

Season to run 8 weeks, plus playoffs

Location: Big Vision Sports Complex

Registration is $25 for GRYP members, $45 for Non Members. Payment must be made at time of entry either through the GRYP Website,

Each team will receive matching team shirts.

Remember the GRYP Sports leagues aren't just for members, so grab your friends and form a team!


General Rules

1. No Whining, Complaining, Arguing, etc. – we are out to have fun, network, meet people, and again HAVE FUN – captains can submit a formal protest to the league officials up to 24 hours after the conclusion of any league game. Verbal or physical confrontations will constitute and immediate ejection from the game and possible suspension from future league play.
2. Field will represent a standard softball field – bases should be approximately 60 ft apart, or 20 paces. Official league balls will be provided.
3. It is each teams responsibility to keep their own score. At the end of the game, each team should agree on the final score and report this to the League Commissioner – Kyle McKechnie.
4. All players must be age 21 and older.

Game Play

1. Play consists of 9 players per side. Teams may play a legal game with 6 players (at the discretion of the opposing team, a legal game may be played with less than 6 on a side, but this must be agreed to prior to the game). Any team member can play any position. Teams must have at least 2 women in the field at all times.
2. Penalty – if a team does not have the required number of girls, a 2 run penalty will be assessed per girl (if team has 0 girls = 4 run total penalty, 1 girl = 2 run penalty). Also, when fielding team must play as a reduced roster in the field, as follows: 0 girls = 6 guys in field, 1 girl = 7 guys in field)
3. The kicking line-up should be presented to each captain prior to the beginning of the game; this order will remain the same for the entire game. No substitutions. Everyone will kick (unless injured), there is no requirement for players to play in the field. There is no restriction on substitutions in the field, and they may occur at any time (only players in the field – no bench substitutions) except for the pitcher and catcher. The pitcher and catcher may be changed only once per inning. This substitution can be from either the bench or the current defensive line-up. Kicking and defensive substitutions due to injury are allowed, but must be of the same sex – once a player is deemed “injured” and misses an at-kick, they are OUT (off field) of the remainder of the game.
4. Home and Away teams will be determined by a one round game of Rock Paper Scissors (RPS), playoff games the higher seed will have home v. away choice.
5. A regulation game will consist of 7 innings. Games during the regular season will end in a tie, all playoff games will played until there is a winner. Games will start ON TIME. If a team is more than 15 minutes late, the game will be forfeited.
6. If a game has 4 full innings completed, it is official, games called for weather or darkness before 4 innings will be rescheduled, and start from a 0-0 tie, 1st inning.
7. The pitcher and fielders must stay behind the pitchers mound until the ball is kicked. The catcher or kicker is not allowed to cross home plate until the ball is contacted. The kicker may not kick the ball beyond home plate. If the kicker does contact the ball in front of home plate it will be considered a foul.
8. All outfielders must remain behind the dirt line. There cannot be more than 6 players on the infield at any one time. Once contact has been made, the outfielders may cross the line. If an outfielder crosses the line before contact has been made the batter (kicker) may be awarded first base by the referee.
9. Once the pitcher has the ball in their control, and is on the mound, the play ends. No runners may advance.


1. Pitches must be made by hand. The ONLY pitch accepted in the GRYP league will be a straight pitch to home plate, no curveballs, sliders, bouncys, etc.
2. The pitcher must stay behind the pitching strip until the ball is kicked. Failure to do so results in a ball. All infielders must stay behind the imaginary line stretching from first to third base until the ball is kicked. Failure to do so results in a ball.
3. The catcher must field behind the kicker, within or directly behind the kicking box, and may not cross home plate nor be positioned forward of the kicker before the ball is kicked. The catcher may not make contact with the kicker, nor position so closely to the kicker as to restrict the kicking motion. Failure to abide by this rule results in a ball or the result of the play.


1. NO BUNTING for guys. Girls may still bunt. A bunt is defined as a ball that is struck with a non-kicking motion as in "dead-legging" it. 

2. All kicks must be made by the foot in the kicking box. The kicking box is the area between the cones and home plate. The kicking box is 12 feet from home plate to each back corner.
3. Any lower leg contact while attempting to kick the ball will be considered a kick regardless of where it strikes the leg or foot as long as it's below the waist.
4. All kicks must occur at or behind home plate.

1. Both feet must be on or behind home plate at the time the ball is kicked.
2. If one or more feet are in front of home plate at the time the ball is kicked, it is a foul and the kick is called back. (If such a kick is caught on the fly, it is an out.)
3. Any fair kicked ball that travels outside of a reasonable area of play will result in a ground rule double.
4. This doesn’t pertain to the unlikely event of a home run kick; rather it pertains to fair balls that then bounce over a fence.
5. 3 fouls is an out. 4 balls is a walk – base on balls. 3 strikes is an out. A strike is a ball that rolls across the plate. 


1. Runners must stay in the base line, fielders must stay out of baseline unless tagging a runner or catching a fly ball. Neither leading off or stealing of bases is allowed. Runners may move once the ball is kicked. If a kicked ball is caught on the fly, runners must tag their originating base (on or after the moment the ball is first touched by a fielder) before running to the next base. Only one base on an overthrow is allowed to the runner. If a kicked or thrown ball hits a player and goes out of bounds, it is not an overthrow. The one base is not automatic and the runner must take the risk of being made out. The one base is only available before the play ends. Tie goes to the runner
2. Base runner to defensive player contact will be closely watched. Any excessive contact or collision will result in an “out” and/or ejection. This includes contact with the catcher.
3. Sliding is allowed. Any sliding into a base to break up a double play, or any intentional (in the eyes of the monitor) interference with the defensive player, the runner and the batter will be called out.
4. Hitting a runner with a thrown ball above shoulder level is not allowed (head shots). If a baserunner is sliding, there is no “headshot immunity” – and a head hit will count for an out. Any standing runner hit above the shoulders is considered safe and will be awarded an additional base. Players may be hit anywhere below the shoulders with a thrown ball and will be considered out.
5. If the runner is attempting to duck a throw (not in normal running form) and gets hit in the head, the out will count.
6. Tagging – a runner is out when tagged, the tagging defender does not need to maintain possession of the ball during the tag, if the ball hits the runner and pops loose, the out is still good.
7. Possession of the ball must be maintained on a force out / base tag.


1. Once a kicked ball touches foul territory it is foul, it cannot be foul and roll back into fair territory. It is still a foul ball.
2. Any kick not contacted within the kicking box.
3. A kick landing out of bounds. The foul is determined by where the ball lands not how it travels to get there. Remember that if such a kick is caught on the fly, it is an out.
4. A kick landing inbounds, but traveling out of bounds on its own before reaching first or third base. (Any ball touched by an in-bounds fielder is automatically in play.)
5. A ball that is tipped while being kicked, but continues to travel behind the kicker. If such a kick is caught on the fly, it is an out.
6. A kicker touching (or kicking) the ball twice while on or behind home plate (i.e., in foul territory), but if such a kick is caught on the fly, it is an out
7. Any foul that hits a tree or other outside object is a dead ball and not illegible to be caught for an out. The ball remains a foul. Three fouls is an out.
8. Any kick that does not occur below the waist.
9. Double kicks (anytime the kicker contacts the ball 2 or more times during an attempted kick).


1. A count of three strikes.
2. A count of three fouls.
3. A runner touched by the ball at anytime while not on base (unless a head shot as noted above).
4. Any kicked ball (fair or foul) that is caught before it hits the ground.
5. A ball tag on a base to which a runner is forced to run.
6. Kicking out of order.
7. A runner leading off the base or stealing.
8. A count of three outs completes the team’s half of the inning.

Standings and Playoffs

Standings will be based on a teams win/loss/tie record – tie breaker will be 1) head to head record 2) point differential   Official event scoring for all games must be emailed to by a member of either team by 12:00 following the day of the game.   Playoffs will occur after week 8 – TBD based on league signups   Official team rosters as maintained by the Competition Committee will be observed for all Playoff games – no subs are allowed   Only players on the roster are allowed to play. Players can be added to the roster throughout the season but must pay the full league fee and sign the waiver. Roster additions must be sent to Kyle. Late roster additions may not receive a league shirt.


There should be no time wasted with in-game arguments – all teams can submit a formal protest of their game only, in writing, to the Competition Committee for review, within 24 hours of the completion of the game. All protests will be reviewed and a formal decision will be made by the Committee on Friday of that week. Send directly to Protests should include, team name, captain’s name, rule/issue under protest, outcome as finished, and desired outcome.  

This league is a fun league. The goal is to have fun, mix, and mingle.  

All team members must sign the official GRYP Sports League Waiver prior to participation.   See everyone on the field!

Big Vision Sports Complex - Bern Township, PA

2015 - 4th Base

2014 - Putting the F U in Fun

2013 - Biddies All Day

2012 - Master Basers

2011 - Herbein & Co.