Meet the incoming GRYP President, Jack Gombach.

After graduating from Albright, my first apartment was in Downtown Reading. Every day was the same. I woke up, went to work at a dead-end job, came home—repeat.

One day, I bumped into Karen Marsdale. At the time, she was a Senior Vice President at the Reading Chamber of Commerce. After speaking with her, she immediately connected me with GRYP. Every time I saw her, she would ask “How’s GRYP?” She encouraged me to stay active and involved.

Over the next few years, I served on a few different GRYP committees: the Government Awareness Committee, Chair of the new Community Impact Committee, and joined the Board. I immediately benefited professionally by joining GRYP. I was able to expand my network and use it to find new opportunities—but the real benefit was all the great friends I made through GRYP and the sense of belonging I received. I know it may sound cliché, but GRYP had a tremendous impact on my life, and I want to see it make the same impact for others.

As I start my term as President, I want everyone to be able to share similar stories about how GRYP impacted their lives. By focusing on helping members grow in their careers, fostering a sense of community, and by connecting us to a cause that will make a difference, we can ensure everyone has a meaningful experience with GRYP.

Jack Gombach