All GRYP members have the opportunity to be involved in the leadership of the organization by joining one or more committees.

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GRYP is a volunteer-run organization. All GRYP members have the opportunity to be involved in the leadership of the organization by joining one or more committees, which include: Events/G!G!, Membership, Marketing, Community Advancement, Finance, Government Awareness, Development and Nominating.

By getting involved at the committee or board level, GRYP members not only help the organization to thrive and grow, they also develop friendships, network, and get the most possible out of their GRYP membership. Members have the opportunity to learn more about non-profit governance while developing both professionally and personally.

Contact greaterreadingyp@gmail.com to find out how you can get involved or to learn more about each committee!


We Love the Greater Reading Community!


The Community Impact Committee serves as resource for Greater Reading Young Professional (GRYP) members to get involved in community service and outreach projects in our Greater Reading community.


COMMITTEE SUMMARY: The Community Advancement Committee serves as resource for Greater Reading Young Professional (GRYP) members to get involved in community service and outreach projects in the Greater Reading region. The Community Advancement Committee’s main goals are to make improvements, one step at a time, in order to create a safe, healthy, prosperous community. As young professionals, we need to reach out to the future generation of young professionals and make an impact on the community by supporting and improving the quality of life in Greater Reading. Our mission is to engage and educate young professionals as well as to attract new members that want to be active members in the Greater Reading community.

COMMITTEE KEY INITIATIVES: Get involved! Give your time to others for a great cause and to truly make a difference in our community.

HOW OTHERS CAN GET INVOLVED: The Community Impact Committee meets several times throughout the year. Contact Josh Fidler, Committee Chair, at joshua.fidler@hotmail.com with ideas for volunteer activities and events, or send a friendly email expressing how you would like to be involved with GRYP’s Community Impact initiatives.

For additional ways to get involved in the community, check out our volunteer opportunities resource page.

The Community Impact Committee (CIC) also serves as a conduit among young professionals, local businesses, nonprofit organizations, and elected officials to encourage the positive development of the Greater Reading area. By furthering economic development, education, and voting participation, as well as facilitating leadership development, the CIC works continually to improve opportunities for young adults in the region, thereby promoting GRYP’s mission to attract, engage and retain young professionals.

The CIC works with other GRYP committees to coordinate the following activities, all of which strive to reach the goals of CIC and GRYP: The current CIC sub-committees are:

  • Legislative Mixer with Candidates and Elected Officials
  • Economic Development / Community Impact Summit
  • Quarterly Elected Officials Meetings
  • Greater Reading Community Participation
  • Collegiate Community Participation
  • Get Out The Vote (GOTV)



Your Candidates & Officials:

Voter Registration:

Municipal Election Voter Information:

Berks Municipal Election Candidates:



Support GRYP

Are you or your company looking to support GRYP with its efforts? GRYP offers a variety of sponsorship opportunities for area companies and organizations to support GRYP, as well as to receive many benefits for their company and their employees, through corporate sponsorships.

As GRYP grows and offers more and more events and benefits to its Members, so do the financial needs to operate the organization. GRYP has been raising funds for a variety of community organizations since 2008 through its G!G! (GRYP Gala) efforts.

Click here for Partnership Opportunities

To support GRYP or to join the Development Committee, contact Shawn Thomas with questions at sthom356@gmail.com.


Be Part of the Fun

The Events Committee is responsible for planning events for GRYP Members (and not-yet GRYP Members) to meet other young professionals and community leaders while networking and enjoying a variety of programs and events. GRYP provides a wide range of events including everything from educational and cultural events to social and networking events. These events may showcase interesting businesses, organizations, individuals and/or locations in the Greater Reading region and are designed to give members a chance to learn more about the community in which they live, work and play.

The Events Committee plans the following types of events throughout the calendar year:

  • Signature “Third Thursday”
  • Monthly Local Happy Hours
  • Family-Friendly
  • Recreational
  • Networking
  • Educational


Planning events, securing sponsors, greeting members/registration table check-in, attracting new members, engaging members and not-yet members, etc. Events Committee Members are expected to attend at least three (3) meetings a year and at least six (6) events per year.

To join the Event Committee contact Naisha Francisco at nfrancisco@customersbank.com.


Let’s Do the Numbers

The Finance Committee serves GRYP by the review and management of all of GRYP’s finances and funds, including the development and monitoring of the annual budget and review of the Greater Reading Young Professionals Community Engagement Fund of Berks County Community Foundation.

The Finance Committee is responsible for the monthly financial reporting and management of GRYP’s income and expenditures, as well as disbursement of funds to various other community organizations.

If you would like to get involved, contact GRYP’s Treasurer, Myriam Joseph, at Myriam.MJoseph@outlook.com.


Let’s Grow Together

The GRYP Membership Committee is responsible for the overall membership experience provided to the Greater Reading Young Professionals. They strive to find new ways to attract, engage and retain GRYP Members and potential members.


The Membership Committee serves the following purposes:

  • The first point of contact to potential new members when receiving inquiries about becoming a GRYP member and/or a Corporate Member.
  • Provides the necessary information for potential members to make the decision to join GRYP.
  • Follow up with potential members.
  • Oversee all functions related to membership for hundreds of paid GRYP members.
  • Develop promotions and strategies to enhance and promote being a member of GRYP.

Questions about GRYP Membership or to join the Membership Committee, contact Emily Sweitzer at emily.moore@readingpublicmuseum.org.


Let’s Get the Word Out

Enhance GRYP website, are involved in social media efforts, work with membership in retaining and promoting to prospective members, work on the PR efforts for events and issues, and communicate noteworthy news through email blasts.


The Marketing Committee assists the Greater Reading Young Professionals (GRYP) organization in their marketing and communication initiatives. The committee helps promote the mission and vision of the group and the impact the group has on the community. In addition, this committee serves to help garner Public Relations opportunities through the local media to promote the groups activities.

The Marketing Committee is currently looking for Members to join the committee. To Join the Marketing Committee contact Christina Phillips at ctinaphillips@gmail.com



Lead the Way

The Nominating Committee is responsible for providing an objective process for GRYP members to nominate a fellow GRYP member who has served on a GRYP committee to become a GRYP board member.

This committee meets annually in May to discuss a the board positions that will be opening. At this time, open discussion occurs for a slate of potential candidates. Meetings are scheduled on an as needed basis from May on through the nomination process. Once all of the open positions on the GRYP board have been filled (by mid-October), the committee will cease to meet for the calendar year.

To nominate yourself or someone else for the GRYP Board email GRYP Past President, Lindsay Crist for details at lindsay.crist@readingpublicmuseum.org.


Let’s Get Active

Now offering Touch Football, Slow Pitch Kickball and Volleyball, hundreds of young professionals enjoy co-ed sports seasonally with GRYP! The Sports Committee serves as a way for GRYP members to come together in a fun, active, and competitive setting for networking. The leagues are also meant to provide an atmosphere where members can bring not-yet-members to participate and promote GRYP.

Include planning and scheduling league events, rules and competition management, working with other GRYP committees to attract new members and seasonal sponsorships. Committee members are expected to be actively involved in both Sports League events and other events held by GRYP.

If interested in joining the committee please use the contact form to contact us about the next meeting, or overall feedback on our Sports Leagues – your ideas are welcome! Meetings are held quarterly and additionally on an as needed basis when leagues are forming.

Contact GRYP with questions about the GRYP Sports Leagues at greaterreadingyp@gmail.com.


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